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Ethics & Aesthetics is a film series that examines socially relevant films for form, content, and technique through a public screening-and-discussion format. The series aims to deepen relationships between BIPOC filmmakers and our Detroit community, foster critical thinking about filmmaking; and connect community members to local social justice and movement building organizations who do work related to the subject matters of the films we feature. 

We carefully curate films guided by the following values: 

  • We prioritize films made by Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color, Immigrant, Disabled, Poor/Working Class, Queer, Trans*, non-binary, Women and Femme filmmakers.

  • We prioritize films made by people who belong to the communities their films are about. 

  • We prioritize stories that disrupt harmful/dominant/mainstream narratives.

Ethics & Aesthetics

The Filmmaking Workshop Series

The Filmmaking Workshop Series is a collection of intensive classes geared toward beginning filmmakers and/or people who want to learn more about specific aspects of filmmaking. We aim to move beyond film industry standards that have been extractive and harmful to our communities, and offer training in film that is accessible and equitable.

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